4 Technologies Which Are Revolutionizing the Speed of Construction in India


Construction industry is a major contributor to the country’s GDP and also one of the largest employment generators. Construction technology is fast evolving in the future of Indian real estate sector. Time and again, due to the lack of skilled man-power, rising prices, delay in construction and scarcity of land in TIER I cities, the developers are compelled to look at other technologies apart from time and tested conventional methods. The Prefabrication Technology – The Pre-cast concrete elements in roofs, floors and walls have become more common as these eliminate shuttering, centering and plastering labor and saves material cost. Tunnel Formwork Technology – It is a technology for constructing large number of housing within short time using steel forms to construct slabs and walls in one continuous pour. Outinard Technology – Superior engineering is the essence of this technology. With the use of high quality steel and high performance quality control result in a vastly superior wall form system. Mascon Technology – This system is used for forming the cast in place concrete structure of a building. Innovation technology can be used at various steps of development. It does not restrict itself to construction, but its various forms can be used in management, infra and in other development sectors.