Bamboo for Construction

If it is a fight between bamboo and steel in regards to the construction of a home, there is only 1 clear winner and ‘NO’ it is not steel. Bamboo has a tensile strength that rivals steel and its weight-to-strength ratio surpasses that of graphite. One column of bamboo produces enough oxygen for one’s lifetime and its ‘manufacturing’ cost is considerably less compared to steel. It has a high carbon absorbing capacity and thereby slow climatic change.  Its other uses includes the fact that it can be used in nearly any structural applications such as columns, beams, walls, roofs and staircases. It is also predicted that if done well, bamboo can replace 70% of steel and wood in construction. The use of bamboo should in fact be promoted in our nation as India is the second largest producer of bamboo in the world. The education of its importance should start from grass root levels so that the millennialist trend would have bamboo in lights.