How to Protect Your Wooden Floor

A wooden floor in your home automatically increases your style points and gives you a certain unmatched elegance. The only difficulty in making the obvious choice of wooden floors over any other format is its maintenance.

Regular dusting and mopping is the most basic and easiest way of cleaning the wooden floor. Avoid any sort of pointed equipment for cleaning. For brisk cleaning one needs to make use of a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment. One must take extra care to ensure that chemicals are not introduced in abundance. Most of the available cleaning chemicals vastly affect the texture and the wood in general. If you feel there is vast traffic in this flooring, there is no shame in using a rug or carpet for its protection. The right material and design would make any carpet compliment the beautiful wooden floor extremely well. Any stain must be treated immediately because there is a good chance that the stain would penetrate deep into the wood and damage it from within. Sandpaper, steel wool, or harsh chemicals are always a big no.