The Meaning of Colors in Your Home

 There is no denying that colors have an impact on the human psyche and in a recent study, had enquired about what each color means to them and the results have been published from a collective response of over 200 participants.


“Red symbolizes love, warmth and passion. It’s emotional impact is greater than any other color, making it ideal for the living room”


 “It represents cheerfulness, generosity and compassion. Most ideal for welcoming guests and also on the outside”


 “My living room is of small dimensions and has a natural lighting, I have used yellow for its wall as it brings warmth and joy. I also believe it to welcome wealth”.


 “The power of nature is nothing to laugh off. Green rooms usually bring tranquillity and balanced energy levels”


“It’s scientifically proven that blue enhances creativity and also provides a calm cool serenade. The study room will be most ideal to be painted blue”


“Purple has always represented royalty and luxury;  incorporating the same to one’s living room will surely reap benefits”


“The idea that pink represents female qualities is such as sexist remark. In truth, it represents feelings and sensitivity and should be adopted in the bedroom. In the walls, curtains or at least in the pillowcases and sheets”