Toddler Room Tips

Having a toddler or a child at home is indeed a handful and his room plays a significant role in his character development. Kids subconsciously pick up subtle personality traits with respect to their immediate surroundings. Today we will discuss the key tips to follow when designing your child’s room.

 The room should be spacious and well lit. The natural light should fill the child with positive energy. Also include bright colors for the walls. The furnishing should be in such a way that it can easily be relocated. The growing years of the child will involve changing the décor to the appropriate age group. Safety should also be a concern, Never hang anything heavy over the baby cot. Make sure any and all electrical appliances are beyond the reach of the toddler. Sharp objects and hazardous materials should be avoided in being brought to the room. Pad the edges of the cupboards and tables as they could be sharp and inflict serious damage. Ensure locks are designed so that it can indeed be opened from the outside in case the child locks himself in. Research states that assigning play areaand study area within the room instils an idea of responsibility. Mirrors, toys of different shapes and size and light puzzle increases creativity and free thinking at a young age.