Fragrant potpourri for your home

In order to make your home aromatic or fragrantly fresh smelling, instead of preferring home sprays and room fresheners you can make your own colorful potpourri. Your home will definitely smell divine with the pleasant aromas of your choice. But there are plenty of inexpensive products on the market which labeled as potpourri, but most of them contain poor quality ingredients such as wood, shavings, artificial dyes and cheap fragrances. Actually the real potpourri contains authentic herbs, spices and flowers, and pure essential oils. You might have heard that the properly made potpourri will maintain its fragrance for years when stored in closed containers.

It will be good if you choose potpourri in colors that match your décor palette so that it becomes a part of the entire room’s décor.  For example, a light red colored room with the fragrance of rose, a yellow and white painted living room with the fragrance of Frangipani, and like a light violet shaded bedroom that smells of lavender this kind of combination will be great. To this you can bring in scented candles that complement your potpourri. It is both fun and easy making a potpourri, prefer those ingredients that you have on hand to vary the appearance and fragrance of your choice. Why not give a try and make your home an unforgettable place with homely scents that your guest will forever remember.