Dining room ideas

Update your dining room as it should be the most comfortable place for you to enjoy your meals and conversations with your family. Here are some tips to beautify your dining area.

  • Large mirror: they can never go out of style. Placing a large mirror is perfect for your smaller dining space.
  • Typography artwork: you can create a piece of art using typography. Pick letters with graphic elements either by using black and white theme or a bold color.
  • Lanterns: they add a more relaxed feel to your dining room.
  • Chandeliers: if you want a coastal vibe then you can use shell chandeliers, the sound they make in the breeze will give the feel that you want. You can even use rattan pendant lamp, they will help to add a laid back feel to your space.
  • Plate collection: you can create a wonderful arrangement of plates and display it by color, pattern, size or mix it all up and hang those of your favourite ones on the wall.
  • Mix and match: transform your space into a casual dining space with a wingback chair or even you can mix and match your seating to add some visual interest.
  • Go green: you can place succulents or indoor plants and this is a great way to bring an earthy feel to your dining area.
  • Rug: choose an attractive rug to bring a massive appeal to your space. You can choose one with bold color or with a striking pattern. This will add texture to your dining room floor.