The Tennant Struggles

The struggle faced by a tenant is very much real and quite drastic in our nation. It is not hyped up any more than it should. Today let us discuss on the issues faced by these tenants

  • Rapid Fire: The issues start even before the tenant has signed the legalities. The tenants have a ‘screening’ process where the landlord asks a series of personal and uncomfortable questions which is degrading and sometimes discriminating. If you are a single resident the questioning and eves dropping increases at an alarming rate.
  • Price Disputes: In most cases eviction results when the land lord rises the monthly rent with no prior notice. A series of reasoning will always be followed explaining the reason for this sudden change. Sometimes the signed amount might not be what the asking price is when you have already dragged your luggage to your new home.
  • Judgment: The landlord starts discriminating you on the basis of several actions that you have performed. This could be ranging from simple food habits to personal lifestyle. They could just be complaining because it does not feel good with their choices and preferences. A friend of the opposite sex coming to your home could well be in the tabloid for weeks on end. In most cases the single tenant pays more just to avoid this uncomfortable scenario.