Top Wall Trends 2019

2018 is almost coming to an end and 2019 is just around the corner, so in today’s edition let us discuss the top wall trends that are in stored for us in 2019. Now-a-days most of the real estate news in Kerala introduce the popular wall design trends systems as the following:

• Industrial chic design: This design makes use of very noticeable and distinguishable features such as polished concrete, exposed bricks, distressed finishes and many more.

• Color blocks: The latest trend is to completely let go off of attractive paintings and focus on color blocks. The new style is to create attractive shapes with color blocks.

• Greenery: It needs to be said that plants are creeping back into your homes. More households have adopted hanging plants, potted plants as attractive designs.

• Dark Style: Dark paint colors and shades will highlight your household. Some of the popular color schemes are charcoal grey, sumptuous dark blue, upholstered gold accents.

• Nomad Style: Hand crafted textiles, earthly tones, tribal patterns and ethnic rustic trend are making their way back into your households. Simplicity is the new trend.