Interior Design Trends 2019

2018 is almost coming to an end and 2019 is just around the corner, so in today’s edition let us discuss the top interior design trends that are in store for us in 2019. Now-a-days most of the real estate news in Kerala introduces the interior design trends systems as the following:

• Rich Colors: We believe this year bolder colors will take center stage, people are expected to be braver on both walls as well furniture piece and get ready to see a lot of violets, navy blue and emerald colors

• Dark woods: You can expect to see a lot of pale bleached wooden furniture in the garbage because it’s time for the dark furniture to be in the limelight. Metallic handles and legs are the perfect finishing touches to this new trend.

• Tropical Settings: We predict most curtains, bed sheets and furniture clothes would have a tropical print on them, with plenty of lush, energizing green, leaf prints, safari wildlife and exotic birds.

• Metallic touch: The addition of metallic touch to the furniture, mirror and accessories brings an extra sophistication to the household. We mentioned the same above.