Tile Tips

Have you recently replaced your flooring? if so, you might have a few left over tiles. You can really turn those tiles into some useful things, like coasters or serving desks. Here are some innovative ideas to possibly reuse those old tiles into something creative.

  • Tile coasters: Reuse your old tiles to make coasters, you can cut them in any shape or else you can use them in the shape that they come in by backing each one with a cut to size cork. And if the leftover tiles are ugly, then you can cover them with photos printed on them. They are really easy to make and you can gift them as well.

  • Tiled table: If you have an entire box of unneeded tiles, then you have the opportunity to make a lovely table. These tables are always such a cheap way to add as décor and it’s really cool with its marble or designed tile.

  • Tile magnets: Use those leftover marble tiles to make those lovely magnets on your fridge or in your office. For this, you can use your marble tile into the shape that you prefer and you can add magnets to the back of the entire pieces of tiles, if you feel like painting or sticking them with pictures then go ahead.

  • Tile art: You can use your old tiles as artwork and then you can hang those in your home. They can be done by laminating and those designed tiles are best to frame around. Most of the houses for sale often showcase images with such tile arts.

  • Tile vase: To make tile vase is super easy and cheap. You can take a plain old vase and wrap them with hexagon tiles, or you can use sticky tiles in a hexagon shape and you can fill in the spaces with grout, thus the finished product will be beautiful.

  • Tile hanger: If you have a few hexagon shaped tiles, then you can use them to make a jewellery hanger, the tiles work as holders for your jewellery and this takes only a few hours to complete. You can paint the board according to your choice or you can even give the same color as your tiles for a sleek look, add some hooks in between and hang your jewellery.