Rope Trends 2019

The rope is an excellent way to incorporate natural fiber into your home. Rope also offers a rural, rustic and special charm to your room. It is an inexpensive material to buy and is vastly present in most of the houses for sale. Today let us check out some interesting decorating ideas with rope.

  • Rope rugs: it is undoubtedly a nautical themed statement piece, you can get a rope rug easily from the market or even you can create your own. The basic concept is really simple and the great thing about this is that you can really put your creativity and these rugs are durable and perfect in its use as well.
  • Rope vases and lampshades: By twisting your vases or planters by sticking the ropes around in a pattern and you can design it the way you want it to look. If you are on a budget and you feel like you need to change the old lampshade, then an easy way is by wrapping some rope around it and this earthy tone will definitely match with your space.
  • Mirror frame: Rope framed mirror is another fantastic idea, as mirrors are dominating the trending décor ideas, you can hang the mirror with the help of a rope and for framing the mirror you need some foam board as a base to frame the mirror and you can glue the rope to that.
  • Rope stool: This is the most popular idea, wrap some rope to your spare or old tire with the help of hot glue and cover the tire with rope, the finished look will be so commendable, even you can transform your boring old stool into a stylish side table with the help of simple rope or twine, then it is well and good.
  • Lanterns: hanging Lanterns look amazing when it is wrapped with rope, and they give a raw, homely charm to your home. These hanging lanterns with ropes are available in the market and if you can try making one it’s always better.