Concrete Designs 2019

A long time ago concrete wasn’t thought of as a material to bring into our homes, but now concrete is being positioned in homes as flooring, fixtures and shelving. And when used in the right way, concrete can accomplish for a stylish look. The other important thing about concrete is that it’s not limited to flooring and fixtures it can be used to craft surprisingly beautiful decor pieces that range from candlesticks to planters and even lamps. Most of the Real Estate News in Kerala focuses on these concrete designs

  •         Concrete in the kitchen: You can include touches of concrete in your kitchen, starting with an island or the countertop, and if you really want to commit to the trend, you can prefer to go for top-to-bottom with flooring, countertops, and even a backsplash.
  •         Concrete bathtub: A bathtub rendered in concrete is sure to be a highlight in your bathroom. You will definitely like the concrete tubs for their luxurious quality and ability to provide a good, soaking bath.
  •         Concrete lamp: Concrete has even made its way over to lighting, making up pendant lights and serving as lamp bases. You can even try these and they will instantly brighten up your space with an elegant look.
  •         Concrete planters: it can be found most anywhere these days, apart from looking perfectly on trend they also protect your plants, shielding fragile roots against unfavorable conditions. Succulents are a great choice for concrete planters.
  •         Concrete walls: consider adding a concrete accent wall and to add warmth, mix in warm textures like blond woods and soft bed linens. This really adds personality and drama to your space.