Space saving ideas for your home

If you have decided to renovate your house, then here are some space saving ideas you should see before renovating. These clever space saving ideas from storage solutions to easy lighting hacks, these tips ensures you get the most out of a remodel.

  • Install Wall sconces

Instead of floor lamp and table lamps, install wall sconces. They not only save space on nightstands, but they also make your bedrooms look more polished.

  • Install sliding drawers

Installing sliding drawers to your cabinets can clear up room on your counter tops. Apart from cooking essentials, keep your appliances in a cabinet. This will make the room look cleaner.

  • Pull out tray tables

If you work from home and don’t have an extra room or space to convert into a workspace, then install a sliding table somewhere in your room. So that you can slide up a chair when you need to and take away when you don’t.

  • Wall shelves

If you build shelving into your walls, you won't have to take up space on the floors and this way, you can use that extra floor space with statement-making furniture. Do choose a bold paint colour for your wall shelves.

  • Make use of the corners

If you have an awkward corner in the living room by install a custom upholstered bench. This creates extra seating when guests come over while also filling a gap in the room. And it takes up less space than a large lounge chair or settee.