Wall Texture Design Ideas


Introducing texture to a space gives it so much more depth, you shouldn’t just stop at throws, rugs and fabrics. You should go for texture rich walls. Dressing your walls up in natural materials or paint with a perceived texture effect will transform your room.

  •         Use a flat plaster paddle

When applied with a flat plaster paddle rather than a roller or brush, paint will give your walls some three-dimensional quality. The wall will look more like a work of art and feels fully integrated into the space instead of just blending in as a backdrop.

  •         Lacquered paint

The shine of lacquered paint can make the room feel larger. It has a similar effect to a mirror, as the glossy-shine finish allows for highlights and reflection. Paint the whole space in it from floor to ceiling for a bright glossy impact.

  •         Texture effect paint

There are a lot of ways to texture your paint without going glossy. Instead, try matte vibe with cement effect paint. Polished concrete is subtle and at the same time bold as well, especially if you choose a darker tone.

  •         Marble slab

A large marble slab on the wall will always make a statement. It's a good option and this texture creates a formal, sophisticated look.

  •         Color block

Just tile your wall half way. The seamless transition from floor to wall will be super cool, so bring your color-blocking to the next level with a hexagon scheme or with different color patterns. You can also opt for multiple layers like layering color-blocked wood panels with tiles, so you will achieve a three dimensional look and better to stick with neutral colors.