Wine Bottle Tips

Very rarely would one not find a wine bottle in a home in GOD’s own country. Most of the current real estate news in Kerala circle around making use of these wine bottles to be used as an interior décor. Today let us check out some clever uses.

  • Vase: an empty wine bottle makes a great vase, why not decorate your bottles by adding a bit of lace to the bottom of your bottle that can make such a difference. You can decorate the bottles with your ribbon of choice, or add some lettering or any other kind of decoration. You can also rope your bottle, as that will give a rustic, raw charm.
  • Lamp: A wine bottle can make a gorgeous lamp base and you can make your own side-table lamp, by using a recycled wine bottle. You can also put fairy lights into wine bottles as they will be a great choice of display.
  • Photo frames: Placing your photos in bottles is such a creative way to display them, and you can even add your own little mementos to personalize it even further. So why can’t you try something like this instead of the usual frames.
  • Chandelier: Use the upper halves of your wine bottles to create a recycled chandelier that will make a statement in any room. If you like everything to be uniform and neat then you can use the same types of bottles or else you can prefer the mix-and-match style of different shapes and colors.
  • Bottle wall: By creating a bottle wall is an innovative way to get some privacy and an absolutely stunning piece of recycled art, you can use extra bottles to make a partitioning your hall for separating living space and dining area. This partition will definitely look gorgeous in your room.
  • Jars: this is a clever idea that you can use your bottles as jars for small items like M&Ms, or for even rice or beans