The Kerala Climate

There is absolutely no doubt that the summers in Kerala have slowly become unbearable, there was indeed a time where we had cool climate 365 days a year. The thoughts about drought or flood never even crossed our mind. Our land had every right to be called GOD’s own country but the same cannot be said now and the changes in our land have directly affected our real estate market. After all, most of the real estate news in Kerala center around this rising issue. People have always been skeptical in investing in the southern state and now with the rapid weather changes, there are even fewer aspirant buyers. The NRI’s are finding it difficult to assess the location, even if the current scenario is ideal there is no guarantee that it will remain so in the future years.

The situation in Kerala is not as worse when compared to certain Northern states where the monsoon season is immediately followed by followed by floods and water logging and the summer is hit with intolerable draught. These natural calamities bring the whole state to a standstill and people are wise to not bankroll on these areas, not to mention they reduce the overall asking price for the land in general. Measures must be taken in our beloved land to not share the same fate as these districts. I personally believe the right kind of construction after carefully assessing all possible aspects of the space is what is needed. The use of the latest technological advancements and building materials should also be adopted.