Vacation Tips

Some time away from your daily routine is of utmost importance to any working human. But to our despair most of the real estate news in Kerala center around the mishappenings that occur to one’s house when they are gone away for a relatively long time. Today let us check some simple tips one can instill to safeguard one’s home during a vacation.

1) Use your mobile: No one in this digital age goes on a trip without their smartphone. There are over a dozen apps completely dedicated to the field of house safety. You could install a webcam and have its live feed at the disposal of your fingertips. Motion sensors are another nifty gadget that sends an alert to your smartphone in the case of an uninvited visitor.

2) Utilize your neighbors: They say while the US and UK has street cameras at every corner to keep the locality informed about their visitors, we Indians have our nosy neighbors checking everything about their adjoin residents. On the other hand if you have a friendly bond with your neighbors just ask them to keep a lookout as a favor.

3) Devil is in the Details: With you out for a considerable time, there is no need for any electrical appliance to be plugged in. Television and Refrigerator are good examples of gadgets that people rarely unplug. Ensure that all water lines are tightly closed and most importantly the gas connection.

4) Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Take time to clean your home before taking off. This will prolong the vermin, rodents, insects, bugs and other creatures from entering your sanctuary.

5) Last but by no means the least have someone you trust checkup the place now and then. Stay an hour or so, switch on the porch lights in the evenings. Just to convince the mass there are still some activities happening around the area.