Tips to Fight the Summer Heat

There is no doubt that the general temperature in our beloved state has been on a steady increase in recent years. To make matters worse it is only going to get worse. As good a solution ‘AC’s and coolers are’ let us take a look at a few simple solutions for those who do not have its luxury for example in the PG hostels near Technopark.

• Keep it Dark: It's always a good choice to make sure the burning sun’s rays do not reach our household. So try to close the binders and curtains. Of course, remember to open all the windows to let in the cool breeze in.

• Cotton is the answer: Forget silk and velvet on your skin. Go for cotton clothes and bed covers.

• Leave the door open: Not any door, but the restroom, the wet floors will assist in decreasing the temperature.

• The Fridge is not your ally: As provocative as it would be to keep opening the refrigerator for a cold beverage, the constant use of it would increase the motor function and slowly but surely increase the temperature of your household.

• Life Hack: Have a bucket of water and place it at the foot of the curtains, the curtains would absorb the water and the breeze would do the rest and this ensures a cool room.

• Change the lights: As negligible as you might believe, changing the lights of your household to LED’s and fluorescent lamps when compared to traditional lighting methods will have a drastic change in the temperature as well