The Women Agents


It is a well-known fact that the Real Estate field is a male-dominated business. The ratio of the sexes is beyond comparison, but lately, there has been a general increase in women participation in this field. This is mainly because the Indian Real Estate has grown exponentially over the recent years and has attracted a lot of foreign clients. In such a scenario limiting the sector to only one segment or sex restricts the growth considerably. This century saw the light being shed into the veil of women employment and there is absolutely no discrimination between the sexes in big named companies. A suitable working environment is a major factor in it. In the Real Estate Industry being a woman has its advantages as well. It is scientifically proven that woman can multitask better than males and can juggle between work and family better than their male counterpart. Not to mention the inbuilt quality of persistence and empathy in the woman blood, are excellent selling points from the client’s aspect. They are also more sensitive and helps nurture a stronger relationship to a great extent. In fact, the presence of women in a leadership role is essential and will be a boon to the entire industry. In fact, the day is not far where most of the houses in Trivandrum will be sold by women agents.