The Deprivation of Being Single

The most important piece of legality that everyone needs to be aware of is that the Indian Penal Code makes no jurisdiction on the basis of marital status for renting an apartment. But the situation in India is not making things any easier for all the single people out there. The question that these tenants have to face sometimes borderlines on interrogation. The reasoning landlords give are that the minimum furniture and their shallow roots of the tenants make it easier for them to trick the landlords and just get up and walk away one fateful but planned day.

Even when clear cut justifications and proof against these accusations can be made, they merely bring about another issue which is the noise and disturbances that they fear the single youngsters will make. What these psychics don’t completely understand is that discrimination by any means is an actual legal matter and the tenant may even file a complaint against his landlord if he so deems necessary. The backward thinking of these landlords is what usually results in these unrests.  Luckily most of the houses for rent in Trivandrum usually have landlords that are more understanding than their counterparts up north.