Zodiac Signs and their Fruitful Colors

Every Zodiac has a unique color attributed to it. A specific color that brings them good fortune. Most of the houses for rent in Trivandrum get sold off when the tenants check the compatibility with their zodiac sign. Today we will discuss on what color your home/room walls need to be painted for your burden less lifestyle

  • Sagittarius

Shades of turquoise, purple or royal blue suit them so paint their walls in these shades.

  • Capricorn

Shades of grey and green are perfect for them. Clay and ceramic items are also key.

  • Aquarius

Soothing shades of blue and violet is perfect. Having metal furniture and other metallic shrines also improves their lifestyle.

  • Pisces

Shades of green and blue. Their dreamy personality would have them looking forward to good amounts of ventilation from open windows

  • Leo

Stick to hues of purple, orange and yellow when it comes to painting their rooms. The inclusion of mirrors and other decorations would also go the extra mile.

  • Virgo

A shade of taupe and yellowy greens empowers them the most. Not to mention tidy surroundings.

  • Libra

Stick to colors that range between white and cream and provide symmetric pieces of decorations.

  • Scorpio

Shades of black, red, burgundy or orange emphasize their otherwise mysterious nature.

  • Aries

Shades of sunny yellow, oranges and reds. The inclusion of gadgets and other gizmos also plays a significant part.

  • Taurus

Hues of pink, green or deep earthy tones would get them going. Flowers and small earthly pots do its own magic

  • Gemini

Colors of light blue, green and yellow get their creative juices flowing. Having more than 1 object fulfilling the same task is also in their comfort zone.

  • Cancer

Shades of white, silvery tones or periwinkle are ideal. A photo gallery of sorts is also very much beneficial