Waste Management Tips

It goes without saying that there is a demanding need for the tackling of growing waste problem in our humble state. The capital city of GODs own Country is definitely in urgent need of one such effective system. 80% of all segregated wastes can be cut short at home itself. Today let us discuss on certain tips to manage waste at your home. Tips that have yet to be showcased in most of the real estate news in Kerala.

•       Reducing is a critical aspect is effective waste management.

•       Reduce non-recyclable waste such as plastic bags and bottles

•       Start to bring carry bags while going out to shop

•       Reuse what can be to the best of their products abilities

•       Covert kitchen waste into manure or for horticulture.

•       Individual home stayers must find a suitable location within their property to bury disposable wastes

•       Apartment and flat owners must ensure their management is disposing their wastes rightly.

•       Avoid littering. Always find appropriate dustbins or trash cans to discard wastes