The Bean Bag Trend

A nifty new piece of furniture that has crept into the homes of the Indian family is the Bean Bags. The reason for their immense success is primarily due to their multispecialty functioning. They are enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Small apartment users welcome this as it provides as a seating arrangement for their visitors and on occasions a crash pad for their companions. A colorful covered bean bog provides a special type of appearance boost for your play area. Bean bags are lightweight and can be easily moved around. Durability, low maintenance cost and mobility, are the biggest advantages of bean bags. Other tips to keep in mind while buying your very own bean bag are:

•       The size of the bean bag should be decided on basis of the age group for which it is needed.

•       Buy good quality, so that it lasts a few years

•       Synthetic fabrics should be preferred as they can be easily cleaned.

•       Apart from design, also check other ergonomic factors, such as the depth of the seat, compression of the bean bag.

•       Check if the bean bag is properly filled and does not have any opening from where the beans may spill out.

•       Some of bean bags have a zip that helps to replace the beans when needed