Dogs Own Country


Its that time of the year again where night owls such as myself are greeted more by dogs than humans at night. The entire capital city of GODs own Country has been run over by dogs. It is only a matter of time before real estate news in Kerala and articles of the same start coming up following the menace of the canines and following these articles would be celebrities and fellow animal lovers who want to uphold the rights of the dogs over the lives of the humans.

The peak centres of the city during the mornings are quick to shut off by 10 pm mainly because that is when these four-legged animals start prowling. There have been no cases or reports filed for the dogs pouncing on humans as of now and we pray it stays the same. Kowdiar, Vellayambalam, Shastamagalam, Statue, Palayam and East fort are among the areas with the most street dog population. In a way, the dogs have occupied the heart of the city.