The Open Space for a Child

Scrapped knees and bruises while running free into open spaces are a part and parcel of every child’s growing up phase. Only by exploring their surroundings do they have the confidence to tackle life’s problems as they grow older. Mingling with other children, sharing and making up their own games are the foundations for being fair, compassionate and respectful. Given the constraints of land availability, these images are slowly fading from the face of the earth. When you decide to build your dream home make sure that there is adequate space for your children to explore and dwell into nature.

In the end, all this is easily possible with a bit of smart planning and an insight into the future. Unlike what you think it will not cost an extravagant budget that burns your pocket. Primarily, planning for your family’s emotional and social development should never have a price on it and one should always consider your child’s growth in your plans and in your home’s. So even in the case of buying after seeing a ‘house for sale’ sign always have these thoughts in you as well.