Entertainment Room

Entertainment in your home is no longer restricted to watching television or the very traditional radio. An urban household, with the incorporation of the latest technology, has moved to dedicated home theatre systems. Even though the concept of ‘entertainment room’ is new to the Indian suburban community, it is getting widespread popularity. The screen, of course, is the most important piece of the setup and is ideal to be placed at the very least 8-10ft from seating. Even though some prefer projectors and screens, the majority prefer the big screen.

State of the art sound systems and comfortable seating arrangements equipped with armrests and cup holders goes without saying. The acoustics of the room should also be kept in mind during the construction itself. The speakers are preferred to be mounted on the walls and not inside shelves, for better acoustics. The pinnacle of comfort in an entertainment room would be an automation system which can take care of all amenities such as lighting, air conditioning and sound system. It might seem a bit luxurious but if you are going to get an entertainment room get the best there is. Most of the real estate news in Kerala, focus on the same.