Cons of Moving to a New City

When you move into a new city you are most often than not, a bit flabbergasted. Even though you might have arrived in the city before to hang out or party with your friends it’s not the same when you have to live there. The biggest hurdle is finding the right apartment. Of course, you can always rely on valid and trusted real estate portals such as to find you a house for rent listing with your preference in the vicinity of your choosing, but the problem arises when you meet the landlords. When you are single everything becomes hard. They don’t trust you to pay the rent on time.

Everyone sees you as a party animal that will run the music up all night long. Some even go to the extra mile to think you are about to set up some sort of brothel. The questions that follow are also a bit weird it ranges from how stable your job is to if you have ever eloped. I’m not exaggerating but I have been asked worse, my profession makes me travel a lot and therefore I am no stranger to these type of questions. The key solution is to smile, give a funny response, respect their spouse and siblings and curse them on the inside.