The Paint Dilemma

The area where most couples argue the most is in regards to the paint, not just in the color selection but also with the type of paint is also extremely important. Today let us categorize the different paints that you see in the television ads:

  • Distempers: They are lime-based wall coating systems. They are not preferred as they have a very limited life and peels off very fast.
  • Emulsions: Often referred to as water-based paints or plastic paints, they are used for interior as well as exterior walls. They come in a variety of finishes starting from a basic matte finish to smooth silky finishes. Another important feature of emulsions is the ease of application and its quick drying time.

Of course, other factors exist such as the number of coats you put as well as the material that is being applied on – wood, cement, metallic they all have a different texture based on the paints used.  Another important tip is to choose your exterior paint based on the place and its climatic conditions. Most of the houses for sale in Kerala follow these fundamental rules.