The Skylight Trend


A trendy idea that has not been very well accepted in our humble state of Kerala are ‘skylights’. Today let us discuss the advantages of using skylights in our homes.

  •       Energy Efficiency: Using skylights not only reduces energy costs and consumption but also reduces the demand for unsustainable power that is currently challenging the world’s environment.
  •       Optimal Daylight: Skylights help balance the light in the room, reducing glare and transforming living areas in more open spaces.
  •       Cost Effective: Skylights and roof windows reduce lighting costs and energy consumptions. Venting skylights minimize the need for air conditions and fans during warmer months.
  •       Privacy: In our cluster filled cities where homes are being built closer to one another, the need for privacy has reached a staggering high and this is why homebuyers nowadays request light from above through skylights in their bathroom.
  •       Better for small spaces: While all our conventional electric and incandescent bulbs produce light it can never be compared to the original healthy white light of the sun and hence when we allow this light to reach our rooms through these skylights it automatically livens up the mood in the room.