The Vegetative Vastu


People take a lot of effort in following all the Vastus during the construction of one’s home but this discipline fades when the house has finished in its construction. One of the most important vastus people stops following is that of the plants that are growing in your household. In today's edition let us check some popular vastu trends that most of the PG hostels near technopark follow.

TULASI: Tulsi is also commonly known as the Holy Basil should be present on the North, North-East side of the house. It helps in the digestive system and is also useful in treating several diseases.

JASMINE: Having them anywhere within the house compound is generally a positive vibe. They are sweet smelling flowers that can also be used for daily worship.

THORNY PLANTS: One should take care to remove thorny plants from the household, they attract a lot of negative energy and should not be allowed to grow.

CREEPERS: Creepers or climbers should not be allowed to grow within the building or compound wall. These vines that require support for its growth should have their own independent supports.

FLOWER POTS: Plants that are grown in a flower pot should be kept on the North or North-East side of the building. One should also note to ensure that these plants do not grow over 3 ft in height.

LAWNS: They should always be placed on the East or the Northside.