The Common Ground

Hailing from the capital city of God's own country, Trivandrum there aren’t many things to complain about in truth. The endless riches partnered with sun-kissed beaches and beautiful hill stations make Trivandrum the ideal location for a home. One thing that I have noticed in my years of staying in several cities all over our humble nation is that Trivandrum lacks (if you can call it that) is a single venue for common items.

There is no single street filled with only textile shops. Or a side road that is famous for restaurants left and right. It does not have these long stretches of land nearly providing the same commodity or service. It does, however, have spots that replicate this but to a lesser extent with only two shops competing, but nevertheless is not perfectly the same. Most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum tend to specify the distance from these hotspots as an extra feature that their property provides.