The Ideal Bookshelf

Is your bookshelf the usual rectangular one? Actually, books displayed in unexpected angles become the wow factor and yes, bookshelf decorating is more than just eye-catching and it makes your room represent more of your personality and style, well at least that’s what most real estate news in Kerala say so at least. Here are some tips for upgrading your bookshelf.

  • Make a difference: there is no rule that all bookshelves need to look the same, you can make it a circle, or any other symbol which you like. There are actually many ways to store your books, and all you want is actually you have to be willing enough to think outside the shelf.
  • Wallpaper the back of your shelf: it is good to wallpaper the back of the shelf, and that will actually make the books stand out. You don’t have to wrap the four walls of your bookshelf, but just the backside will do, that it will really make a difference to your room.
  • Book seat: this is a simple yet stylish bookcase that playfully curves and becomes a seat and the creative design is a response to the advent of multifunctional spaces in today’s urban living.
  • Equilibrium bookcase: the modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point, this is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches the attention by creating a sense of surprise. While its compartments seem to float in the air, it can hold books and magazines and this bookcase can change the overall look of your room.
  • Don’t overfill your bookshelf:  when too much is on a bookshelf means that’s not good, picking out the books that mean the most to you and the rest can go elsewhere, maybe in storage but anyway not on display. So then things don't look too cluttered.