Bedroom Mistakes

We use our bedrooms as a spot to sleep but even then we still end up spending most of our time in our bedroom. To give this room the attention that it deserves, here is a list of some common bedroom design mistakes that are present in most of the houses for rent in Trivandrum.

  • Avoid choosing the wrong bedside table: it is not necessary for you to keep a bedside table, even a chair can stand in as your bedside table, but choosing the right one with right height and size is something very important. Your bedside table should be at the same level as your mattress. And if the table is too low for reaching out for a glass of water or your phone in the middle of the night will be uncomfortable. It is indeed a small change but if you avoid this mistake you would clearly see the difference.
  • Don’t limit your lighting: your bedroom should have multiple lighting options, a mix of both task lighting and adjustable ambient lighting is actually a good combination. Should always consider how you use your bedroom and design lighting accordingly. If you read in bed every night then you will need a bedside lamp.
  • Placing an area rug in wrong space: beautiful are those bedrooms with a comfortable area rug, to make the most of cosy ground cover, place it where it will be most appreciated when you wake up in the morning. This will definitely make your morning a little more pleasant.
  • Not giving your phone and charger a proper place: most of us keep our phones as bedside companions, if you don’t have enough space for your bedside table then you can consider buying a small shelf for your phone that can be a stool with a marble top or copper one. Your charger chord might be too short to reach the nearest switch, either you need to buy an extra charger or order some cable clips that hook your charger to the table top, so that you won’t miss the charger at night and your troubles for searching your dropped charger will come to an end.