The Irregular Plot

Everyone wishes to have a square plot for their dream home. Some are willing to sacrifice on rectangular plots but beyond these two shapes, the citizens of God's own country cannot tolerate any other boundary shape. If truth be told I too found a lot of logical reasons why someone would prefer a regular shaped plot. But very recently I had a chance to visit a rather irregular shaped house. Don't let your thoughts run wild it is still categorized in the polygonal sector and has a shape similar to two rectangles placed 90 degrees to each other on the left-hand side. Very similar to an L-shaped figure. And this house has been constructed very beautifully and the architect had made cent per cent use of this irregularity when it came to the arrangement of the rooms. Even the interior of this household has been extremely magnificently done. I truly wish more houses for sale in Kerala start denouncing their craving for regular shaped projects and try more unique designs.