The Population Density

The city circle of Trivandrum is extremely densely populated. There is hardly a comparison between the total population that lives within the city and those who live outside it. The city folk would outnumber the village folk 5:1 and this is with the knowledge that the total area of Trivandrum outside the city circle is nearly three times that of within. If you are walking through the Kazhakootam stretch which is the home place of Technopark, Trivandrum which is the largest IT Park in Asia then you can find at least one house for rent or one PG for rent near Technopark board in all the states within a good two-kilometre radius around the structure.

Such is the extent of the matters that have reached the capital city of GOD’s own Country due to the alarming increase of population density. The upcoming Vizhinjam project and Technocity will solve this crisis as even though they would bring even more people to these shores, it will also ensure satellite cities, especially in these above-mentioned sites to rise up and therefore will solve a good chunk of this persisting dilemma.