The Good Neighbour

I could speak on days describing all the several reasons why the capital city of God's own country, Trivandrum is simply an amazing place to live in. Starting from the sun-kissed beaches, the lush green forests, never-ending hill ranges, the soft water present; the less polluted cities so on and so forth. But something that is indeed lacking and there is absolutely no reason to deny it is our association with our neighbours.

  Very rarely is there any sort of meaningful conversation with one's neighbours. If you happen to be an apartment resident then it could be that you might not even know the name of your neighbour and he might have been staying there for well over a year. These are not tall tales but actuals that I have had the fortune of hearing. For some reason, I have noticed that hesitation of this humble state to go out of their way to talk to another. Some call it ego, others call it shyness but the root of the matter is that we have dangerously low associations with our neighbours. Nowadays, most of the houses for sale in Kerala consider this during their time of purchase.