The Picture Collage Trend

On a personal note, a very impressive interior design trend that has not yet reached the shows of the capital city of God's own country, Trivandrum is the idea of photo collages in your bedroom. Having worked in the interior design field I have noticed that it is the youngsters that prefer this trend and by youngsters, I refer to the early thirties were digital cameras and images where only upcoming and hard copy photos were still treasured. Therefore it is this crowd that I have seen that fully makes use of this trend.

  There are several homes that I have been to where I have felt that a photo collage would have been extremely ideal. Not to mention, it is a very inexpensive way to give that classy feel to your home. I would preach all my readers irrespective of your age group to try to incorporate one in your own home. In fact, I want this to be the new real estate news in Kerala.