The Lack of Leak

Something that I am extremely proud of my hometown, Trivandrum is the way in which we solved the leaky roof problem. I still recall in my childhood days, I used to see a lot of houses having big cracks and negligible, but still ever-present leakage problem. I used to even see the same in a giant palace like homes as well. But once I relocated back I hardly see one such house.

It’s not that I am hanging out with only the elite group but even when you come to the lower middle class as well, the houses do not have these two above mentioned problems. Leakage is not a thought-worthy process as the chance of this is very less and it's usually a one-time fix. Most of the structures in the capital city of GOD’s own Country have now been designed so as to eliminate this problem in itself. And most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum will almost definitely ensure the above two issues as a pre-requisites.