Sell Like Hot Cakes

Quite sooner than later the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum will face a terrible real estate crisis. With the completion of upcoming projects such as the Vizhinjam port and the Technocity, the capital district would provide tremendous amounts of job opportunities. And in the second most populated nation in the world jobs are among the hardest things to come by and quite naturally the efficient and eligible would divert their attention to this southern city and to make the entire process a lot easier would choose to find a home within the city. The problem lies in the fact that Trivandrum district is geographically small while its opportunities are large. This problem can only be solved by building up more apartments and flats where we take up vertical spaces rather than horizontal ones. On a personal estimate, in 5 years the moment one puts up a board stating house for sale in Trivandrum the property is probably going to get sold within the hour.