The Breakfast Joint

To be very honest there is very little to complain if you happen to live in the city circle of the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum. You have got sun-kissed beaches to the south, lush greenery to the east and the never-ending hills in the west all of which are just driving distance away. Within the city, there is hardly anything materialistic or service oriented that you can't find within a few kilometre spans, but one thing I would say Trivandrum could do with more is a breakfast place. 

Someone competent enough should take one of these houses for sale in Trivandrum and turn it into a breakfast place and believe me there would indeed be a huge audience for target crowd for this endeavour. It is a tried, tested and success found business in most metro cities and some of them have chains and franchise all over the nation, but this is yet to reach our shores. The addition of a few more such joints in strategically placed location would go a long way in helping the citizens.