Sunday Off for Trivandrum

Sundays have always been a day for rest and relaxation. Well, it is at least to those who have a 9 to 5 job while others who own or work under a business model are still engaged in their profession even on Sundays. In fact in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum Sundays are not treated as any different by most of the major shops. Almost all the prominent restaurants, supermarkets and other enterprises and establishments remain working on Sundays.

There are few services that get halted such as repair and maintenance but most of the other local enterprises still function without any sort of hurdle. And it is extremely profitable for them as well, this is why we see most of the houses for sale in Kerala have been refurnished into shops and firms because it is much more profitable starting a business rather than renting out the place. Of course, there are ample opportunities for the real estate sector as well.