The Social Need for a Guest Room

When designing your dream home one should never look past a guest room. No matter how much you claim to be an introvert there will most definitely be a time in your near fifty years of staying in the same house, you will most definitely have a guest staying over for the night. The presence of a guest room immediately fills your home with a prestigious outlook from a third party.

It shows that you are inviting and you are considerate enough to spend a portion of your property purely for the comforts of an outside individual or group. Growing up with a lot of friends it was almost given that my house will have a guest room but it came as a bit of shocker that many of the houses for sale in Kerala still do not have a guest room despite being located in one of the prime spots in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum. I, of course, took into consideration the size of the house and personally, a house beyond a certain size must include a guest room in my eyes.