The City Planning

The capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum is undergoing one of the most important stages of city planning. The higher-ups finally realized that with the emergence of the Techno city and Vizhnijam Port the residents that are going to be arriving at the small province of Trivandrum will be in extremely large numbers and a good percentage of these new citizens will be arriving purely for occupational reasons.

Therefore, commuting to and fro will be one of the most frequently engaged activities for all these individuals. And it only makes sense that the primary roads that connect the ends of the city and also from city to city have all been well established so that no confusion arises and the entire process of transportation and commutation becomes a whole lot simpler. Right now for a period of 6 months the major highway of the city will remain closed for more works and the entire crowd that moves to Technopark and also those who need to commute from the outer circle to the inner city has to now make use of the service roads.