The Monsoon is back

The monsoon season has finally approached the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum and to be fair it was a long time coming. The past few months in the city everyone had nothing to do but complain about the unbearable heat and the temperatures of the district had reached a record high in this last summer season beating even the temperatures of certain Arab Nations. So it is safe to say that everyone has accepted the sudden showers with open arms but they also come with their own cons as the intensity of rains are increasing day by day and have already started causing small nuisances all across the city by slightly damaging the properties.

The frequent disruption of electricity when it showers is still pretty dominant in certain parts. So keep your eyes open, stay alert and if possible prefer staying indoors during the heavy showers. The presence of leaks or any sort of electrical malfunctions due to the rain must be checked immediately before the situation worsens and leads to irreplaceable damage to your home. Most of the houses for sale in Kerala boards start increasing after the monsoon for this exact same reason.