The Ideal Climate

Growing up we always had a fight about which district was the best and even though this sounds childish I have to say that my hometown the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum is now beyond comparison and is experiencing the best possible climate. The mornings have the right amount of sunshine and clouds so that it's neither always bright nor cloudy.

The sun sets rather early or the clouds make sure to and from the evening dusk, a cool breeze starts flowing from the seaward side and by the time we have all reached back in bed it starts to rain giving that good cool night feeling which is perfect for sleeping. Of course, those with a different time schedule or shifts will beg to differ from my conclusion but you can't argue that this was the climate that was always meant for humankind as a whole and Trivandrum is lucky to experience it. Yesteryears would have this ideal climate for two months at a stretch but in this 21st century, we must consider it a blessing even if we get it for two weeks at the very least. Most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum boards have started going back as the residents want to experience the same for as long as they could.