The Road-ways

My work has forced me to go to several cities all over our humble nation and if I am being very honest, then the most efficient road system that I have seen in all my travels is the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum. The entire road system runs through the centre of the city with commercial and residential spaces located on either side of the main and sub-roads throughout the district. Of course one can argue that this efficient planning system is only possible in a small jurisdiction like Trivandrum but even so, the town planning has gone so efficiently well that Trivandrum which is all set to become the next metro can still efficiently handle the influx of the residents as well as the vehicles on the road. This speaks volumes of the design that was implemented over 63 years ago. This is probably one of the reasons why most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum get sold like hot cakes whenever the board is placed. The upcoming Techno City and Vizhinjam Port is the confirmation that awaits Trivandrum to become a metropolitan city.