The Night Owls

In the past few years the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum has seen a presidential amount of shops and establishments that are being still working late into the night. I can still recall when I first started working there were only a handful of establishments that even worked after 9 p.m. Fast forward nearly two decades and in every street, there would at least be one shop that would still have its lights on even after midnight and most of these establishments are eateries. While the nightlife in the city is still only in its budding stages there is still a significant improvement and with the upcoming Techno City and Vizhinjam Port, the nightlife in Trivandrum is only going to be getting better. Soon we will have the same crowd like that of metro cities and several night owls hovering along the roads. There are however many who see this lifestyle as purely wrong or bad which is outright false. People should never be judged just because they are more productive in the night. This is a sight that is often seen when you approach a landlord of one of the many houses for rent in Kerala.