The Accessibility Factor

My work has always forced me to stay in several cities in our humble nation and I was residing in each of them for a respectable period of time and for someone who has a passion for the art of driving I was always out on the streets. Therefore it did not take long for me to learn most of the side-ways and narrow shortcuts within the city premises. I might be extremely biased but I believe the most efficient roadways run along in my home town of the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum.

The only example I want to give here is when there is a block on a certain road or any road for that matter there is an immediate cure to get around it. This road might only be just slightly longer than the first. In fact, Trivandrum is designed so that even if this secondary road also gets closed there is an immediate third road that we can use. The accessibility factor in Trivandrum is immensely high and this has been one of the reasons why most of the houses for sale in  Trivandrum are sold like hotcakes.