The European Breakfast

I speak for everyone in the capital city of GOD's own country, Trivandrum when I say that the city province lacks a good breakfast joint. That statement is, in fact, untrue, if I have to be more specific then what it lacks is a place where we get a European sort of breakfast, anywhere within the city limit. But if you are willing to take a one hour drive from the heart of the city then you can reach a place that can only be described as heaven-sent but locally known as Varkala. It is tropical paradises that rest on the side of a cliff overlooking a blue beach. A world-renowned tourist destination which offers all source of packages and amenities including villas which offer to its clientele one of the best European breakfast out there. Being a resident in the city for over 30 years I can definitely say that this is one of the must-do experiences in this geographical province. These rather unique amenities are why most of the houses for sale in Trivandrum are sold like hot cakes the moment they are made available in the market.